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Comment Policy for Keep Food Safe Blog

We welcome your comments on the Keep Food Safe Blog. Before you submit a comment, please review these guidelines.

Guidelines for Your Comments

  • Stay focused. We welcome all viewpoints, but make sure that your comments are relevant to the Keep Food Safe Blog .
  • Be respectful. Personal attacks, profanity, and aggressive behavior are prohibited. Instigating arguments in a disrespectful way is also prohibited.
  • Tell the truth. Spreading misleading or false information is prohibited.
  • Do not include spam. Repeated posting of identical or very similar content in a counter-productive manner is prohibited — this includes posts that either promote services or products or link to Web sites promoting services or products.
  • Do not include web links.  Because of comment spam, web links in comments are prohibited.

All Comments Are Moderated

This means that we review all comments before posting them on this site. If the comment does not comply with this policy, it will not be posted.

We reserve the right to:

  • Determine which comments violate this comment policy and are thereby not posted.
  • Remove posted comments that violate this policy.

When Comments are Posted

We recognize that the Web is a 24/7 medium, and we welcome your comments at any time. To properly manage federal resources (your tax dollars), however, we moderate and post comments during regular business hours.

Food Safety Questions

If you have food safety questions, please consult our Ask the Experts page. This page provides details on getting answers to your questions online, by phone, or by email. If you need an answer quickly, the Ask the Experts page gives you the best (and fastest) way to get it.

In some cases, when questions are posted on a blog, we append the questions with our answers to the end of the blog. 

Press Questions

We ask reporters to send their questions to the appropriate media office through their normal channels and to refrain from submitting questions here as comments. Reporter questions will be neither posted nor answered.


The views expressed within posted comments do not necessarily reflect those of the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services or the federal government.