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Find Out about Food Trucks in Your Area

Food from a foodtruckEver wonder about mobile food trucks in your area? They bring their tasty treats right to you. Make sure you know your local rules for safe handling of food on food trucks.

Food truck vendors in your community must follow local food safety rules set by your city, county, district, or state. Each community may have the same or slightly different food safety rules and requirements for food truck vendors. Call your local health department to find out your community’s rules for rules for food trucks you may see every day as well as those you might see at fairs, festival, and other special events.

Here are some things you can look for the next time you visit a food truck.

Food Temperatures
It’s important for food to be served at the proper temperature. Is cold food served cold? Is hot foot served hot? Temperature problems can cause germs to grow faster in some foods.

Food Workers
It’s important for food workers to avoid directly touching food with their bare hands. Touching food with bare hands can spread germs from hands to food and from food to other people. Some things food workers can use to touch food are
tongs, wax paper, other utensils, or gloves.

Food trucks can be a fun way to try new foods in a unique way. Keeping these things in mind when choosing which food truck to visit can help keep yourself and your family safe from foodborne illness.

Remember: Always wash your hands before eating and drinking!

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