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Enjoy Safe Kabobs at Your Next Spring Gathering!

Before you throw a few of those lamb kabobs that are so popular this time of year on the fire, a little preparation can ensure your guests don’t get sick at your first spring gathering.

When Something Strange Happens to Your Food — Who You Gonna Call?

It’s Friday morning and you get out of bed, ready for another day at work, and you are excited that the pot roast you put in your slow cooker the night before is hot and ready to pack for lunch.

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Don’t Let Bad Bacteria Spring Forward

Spring is back and you know what that means—warmer temperatures. And who likes warmer temperatures in addition to us fun-loving humans? Yes, that’s right, tiny, invisible bacteria. These creatures thrive and multiply unseen in the warmth of the season, and if you aren’t careful, these bad...

Raw (Unpasteurized) Milk

Raw food isn’t always healthier. Learn about the dangers of drinking unpasteurized milk.

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Post-Game Plays: Food Safety Tips for Leftovers

How long are your Super Bowl leftovers safe to eat? Follow this post-game guide.


Game Day Food Safety Tips

Follow this game day playbook for a food-safe Super Bowl party.

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Food Safety Tips for Your ‘Tamalada’

The risk of foodborne illness increases when preparing meat dishes like tamales or pasteles in bulk. Follow these tips to keep your family safe.

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Prevent Illness from C. perfringens

Find out how you can protect yourself from one of the most common causes of food poisoning in the U.S.

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Holiday Food Safety for Pregnant Women

Find out which holiday treats can pose health risks to pregnant women.

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Pig Roasting and Food Safety

Keep food safety in mind throughout the process of roasting a pig, from the time you order it through cooking it and storing leftovers.

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