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Food Safety for Fall Outings

Going apple or pumpkin picking? Follow these tips to avoid picking bringing home a foodborne illness.


Are You and Your Food Prepared for a Power Outage?

Follow these steps to keep your food safe before, during, and after a power outage.


Tackling Food Safety at Your Tailgate

Get the play-by-play on tailgating food safety.

Cutting Food Waste and Maintaining Food Safety

Are you throwing out perfectly good food? Find out how food waste and food safety are connected.

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We Have Nothing to Fear but Foodborne Illness

Want to stop bacteria? Make sure to wash your hands properly.

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Food Safety Smarts

CDC shares food safety tips for using common kitchen tools as part of National Food Safety Education Month.


A Vote for Thermy is a Vote for Food Safety

Join Thermy the Food Thermometer in the fight against bacteria for Food Safety Education Month.

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Where Foodborne Illness Begins… and the New Federal Rules Designed to Help Prevent It.

Find out how food can get contaminated throughout the production chain, and what the FDA is doing to minimize outbreaks.

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My Favorite Class is Lunch

Use this poem to help children learn food safety best practices.

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Back-to-School Supply Checklist

There’s a certain week when you know the summer is over. It’s when you start seeing the school supply section take over your grocery and department stores. Parents and children, clutching supply lists, cautiously circle the stacks of paper, notebooks, markers and backpacks as they make their...

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