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How to Safely Thaw a Turkey

Use one of these three methods to keep your turkey out of the temperature “danger zone” while thawing.

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To Wash or Not Wash

There is only one case in which you should wash a raw turkey.

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Debunking Thanksgiving Myths

Get the facts about safe food storage, frozen turkeys, and how to tell when a turkey is fully cooked.

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The Food-Safe Path to Thanksgiving and Beyond

Use this calendar with day-by-day food safety guidance to plan for Thanksgiving.

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Make Halloween a Sweet Dream, Not a Nightmare

Get ready for Halloween with these food safety tips on trick-or-treating, bobbing for apples, and Halloween parties.

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Handwashing: The Key to Good Health!

Celebrate Global Handwashing Day—spread the word about the value of clean hands.

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Food Safety for Fall Outings

Going apple or pumpkin picking? Follow these tips to avoid picking bringing home a foodborne illness.


Are You and Your Food Prepared for a Power Outage?

Follow these steps to keep your food safe before, during, and after a power outage.


Tackling Food Safety at Your Tailgate

Get the play-by-play on tailgating food safety.

Cutting Food Waste and Maintaining Food Safety

Are you throwing out perfectly good food? Find out how food waste and food safety are connected.

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