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Turkey Tips Step 4: Loving your Leftovers

It’s over.

All of your guests have scraped their Thanksgiving dinner plates clean and have migrated from the dinner table to the couch.

While you may want to immediately relax and celebrate after preparing a successful meal, it’s important that you first refrigerate any leftovers...

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Turkey Tips Step 3: Let’s (finally) get Cooking

turkey in pan

It’s here. You’ve been planning for this since the moment you packed away your summer flip-flops – Thanksgiving Day. After...

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Turkey Tips Step 2: Preparing Your Feast

Preparing for Thanksgiving can become hectic. Now that you have your bird, you’re probably thinking about putting your game face on and getting that meal ready.

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Turkey Tips Step 1: Shopping for Your Feast

You’re certain you’ve thought of everything to make this year’s Thanksgiving meal a flawless success.

You’ve assigned your quarrelsome family members who passionately root for rival football teams to seats on opposite ends of the dinner table. You’re prepared to cook all of your guests’...

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Top 5 Thanksgiving Turkey Fails

Shocked Turkey

Throughout the year, the USDA’s Meat and Poultry Hotline answers questions about food safety from the public.  We’re open...


2014 National Food Safety Education Conference

The fifth National Food-Safety Education Conference will be held Dec. 4 - 5, 2014, in Arlington, Va. The conference is sponsored by the Partnership for Food Safety Education, a non-profit organization dedicated to educating the public about preventing foodborne illness. It includes...

Safe Cooking at High Altitudes

The higher you go, the longer it takes food to reach a safe temperature.

The higher you go, the longer it takes food to reach a safe temperature. Whether you...

Do YOU Have a Plan to Keep Food Safe during Severe Weather?

Severe weather can result in the loss of power for hundreds of thousands, and without power comes food safety challenges.

This year has been an important...

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Some Facts About Food Safety Fictions for National Food Safety Education Month​

National Food Safety Education Month

September is National Food Safety Education Month and the Partnership...

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Cancer and Food Safety

Healthy food

September is Food Safety Awareness Month as well as the official awareness month for eight different cancers. While the connection...

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