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Tag: Thanksgiving

There is only one case in which you should wash a raw turkey.

Posted in: Food Safety | Holidays

Get the facts about safe food storage, frozen turkeys, and how to tell when a turkey is fully cooked.

Posted in: Holidays | Seasonal

Use this calendar with day-by-day food safety guidance to plan for Thanksgiving.

Posted in: Holidays | Seasonal
Tagged: Thanksgiving | Turkey

The countdown is over, and the big day is finally here.  It’s Thanksgiving Day, and the family is on the way, most likely with growling tummies.  You may have been preparing all month, but if not, no worries!  We’ve got you covered on how to ...

Posted in: Holidays | Seasonal

USDA answers some of the most popular questions about safely storing and preparing a turkey for Thanksgiving.

Posted in: Holidays | Seasonal